Umstead 100

Bitter cold in pouring rain
Keep dry, keep warm, stay fed, stay sane
The finish line calls my name
The clock, keep pace, to win the game

Through sleet and snow and blister pain
Head up, form straight to minutes gain
Time check, split count, now light a flame
For buckle pride is why I came


Today is Day 10 of the 2018 NaPoWriMo Challenge. I’ve missed the last three days because I’ve been busy running and recovering from Umstead 100 Mile Ultra. The challenge for today to write a poem of simultaneity – one in which multiple things are happing at once. The hundred is a great example of this and I’m sure I could have written about much more simultaneity if I wasn’t now simultaneously suffering from post-100 brain.

First Mate

Blown in on slender air billows linen white
Red wine, placed hand, cocktail napkins, opinion stand
And sunsets from here and then lined across her face
First ring were I to call a friend in times of flight
Let it rain, let us dance again in circles around the flame
Dousing dreams, creating schemes, my crazy matcing hers
Lipstick red straight of a bed, miles through the night
Bare toes in sand, bare breast surf strand, lapping at the moon
The keys, yes please, trays filled with cheese and dip
Pack now, lets go to burry friends at sea, alright?
Salt rimmed glasses view the world, salt encrusted t-shirt girl
Will always say alright. Slicing heaven here on earth
Bring shoes, headlamp and key lime pie. Bring spouse for crew and beer
And lest forget, sunset deck, new house, new friends, New Year

I find myself almost caught up for NaPoWriMo Challenge. I’m jumping straight ahead to Day 10’s prompt. Today’s Challenge is to write a poem that is a portait of someone important to you. It doesn’t need to focus so much of what the person looks like, as what they are.

Freed Literally

I Can See Clearly Now
The Photograph
Wishes Fulfilled
Balanced on the Blades Edge
In Between
The Old Ways
and the
Keep Quiet
Between Sisters

Three Souls
Born to Run
Silent Harmony
Forged in Fire
A Return to Love
Through the Wildwood

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Without Reservations
Victim of Fate
What I Know For Sure
The Invention of Wings
Flight Behavior

I’m a day behind getting Day 10 of the NaPoWriMo Challenge completed. I spent yesterday running 40 miles which left my creative side fried. The challenge for Day 10 was to write a “book spine” poem. (Mine was a Kindle list poem) This involves taking a look at your bookshelves, and writing down titles in order (or rearranging the titles) to create a poem.

Apocalypse Zone

As bystanders cunningly destroyed
Employed forgiveness given, hastily indulged
Just keep living, make no opinion
Pretend quite rifles silence the
Unheeded visceral warning:
Xeroxed yobbos zombie

Good morning and welcome to National Poetry Writing Month, Day 10. Today’s prompt is to write an abecedarian poem – a poem with a structure derived from the alphabet. There are a couple of ways of doing this. It could be a poem of 26 words, in which each word begins with a successive letter of the alphabet. Or you could write a poem of 26 lines, where each line begins with a successive letter.

I took the shorter version of writing today because I’m busy getting ready for my 50-mile race tomorrow. Race is a loose term, for me it’s more of just a run, and by the end I will resemble a Xeroxed yobbo zombie.