There’s no where to run, I continue to say
It’s not that kind of beach, too short, too steep to bother
Just try anyway, he insisted this day, try anyway
So I lace up my shoes and trot towards the water

In a brilliant sky day the ocean churns a low crash
Rutted deep sand seems to flatten ahead
Crabs scurry side step to clear my foot path
Keeping close watch from eyes atop of their heads

Haleakala before me and I at her feet
Her crown of ringed clouds guarding her crest
To my right easing surf in glass turquoise retreat
Banyan trees border the sand in wide arch on my left

A fortuitous sight, this must be a good sign
Leather belt bound with buckle weather beaten and strong
Sandy trophy for running wherever I find
The narrow beach curves then streches out miles long

No pack on my back, no bottle in hand
Just this smooth shell I rub between forefinger and thumb
Keeping a beat with the tide no earbuds could can
And I am grateful that I agreed to this run

In standing straight form ten poles planted in line
Their master casters crawl from low slung pitched tents
I duck my head beneath invisible filament line
That cross over the beach to the water’s clear depths

Three miles in buildings first enter my view
Yoga and crossfit pilates right there in the surf
I turn and head back salty sweat beginning to stew
And then there’s my husband an impromptu water stop crew

Again I am gone, a white lab sharing my gait
’till he turns  runs headlong into slow crashing surf
Chasing a fantom ball because he can’t wait
For the real one hidden deep in his keeper’s shirt

Long sweeping waves extend their greedy grasp
Poseiden reclaimig this portion of land
While pipers pipe piping he takes without ask
Narrowing even further this slender strip of sand

And I, I feel blessed, this day in this sand
For a the shore, these shoes and this life
But more for a man who loves me just as I am
And for this day long ago when I became his wife.

I’m a few days behind this year. This prompt was from Day 7 for the NaPoWriMo challenge. The challenge was to write a poem about luck and fortuitousness.

Discounting Naysays

And we’re back!  It’s Day One of the 2017 National Poetry Writing Month challenge.  If this is your first year following my journey of the NaPoWriMo challenge to write a poem a day for the month of April, welcome aboard. To the rest of you, welcome back!

I will be using the daily prompts from the NaPoWriMo team as inspiration for my writing.  So here we go.

Today’s prompt is to write a Kay-Ryan-esque poem: short, tight lines, rhymes interwoven throughout, maybe an animal or two, and, if you can manage to stuff it in, a sharp little philosophical conclusion.


Discounting Naysays

It’s step one
Two that keeps
The Voice of doubt
At bay
Closer yet to
Finish line
Three, four
While voices shout
No way. No way.

Five, six shuffle
muscle cramps
Like teenage
Girl’s Charley horse
Move seven, eight
Hustle dance
Distract the groans
To abandon hope
And course

Eight, nine, ten
Nearer every
Stride waves banner
Of the finish line
Doubters chime a
cheer eleven
Pipers piping
Claim they knew it
All the time

American River 50-Mile Charm

Water hump of dromedary
Medical apothecary
Wings of wasp and honey bee
Red bellied newt’s back left knee
Spin and spiral and whirl in space
Deliver me to race first place

Todays prompt from NaPoWriMo was to write a charm. It could be a charm against warts, or against traffic tickets. It could be a charm to bring love, or to bring free pizzas from your local radio station. Since I’m running AR50 in less than 48 hours I decided I could use a charm for the race.

The Girls on PCT

With broken breath we climb to heights unknown
Beckoned upward above the drifts of snow
Through fields of mule ear, flowers bloom yellow
Open vistas to crystal lakes below
We scamper over loose flat granite rock
Along the thumbs up darkened crag out crop

Backpackers pass head on from distant miles
We nod, slide by, share understanding smiles
Some tell trail tails, and stop to talk a while
While others chug steep up the scree rock pile
Sun beats, wind blows above the green tree line
Legs burn, air thin, as farther up we climb

On ridge between the mountain range beyond
Stands high and mighty crest of Tinkers Knob
We climb to peak, legs ache with angry throb
Still we peruse, inspired by the awe
Now aim well met, to view our just reward
We point downhill and run back toward the car

Morning Song

I wake first light and early with the dawn
Greeted by the feathered friends morning song
Quiet winds slip softly pass my window
Invites my spirit come enjoy the show

See morning rays break through the darkened night
Watch orange streaks cast day across the sky
Through filtered limbs the branches silhouette
The feathered chorus rising higher yet

Alone I sit to gather my day plans
Daybreak begs me to join the song began
The trail I know lie out in dark it waits
For me to join the feathered friends today

Hot Western States

It’s blistering, sweltering, melting today.
Who would run 100 miles this way?
Who scrambles to qualify for a coveted spot
To be one of the chosen to roast in this pot?
Who waited expectantly as each name was pulled
From a lottery six months ago when there was snow?
Who trained through storms, through nights, through sleet
Miles and miles preparing for today’s heat?
Now running and dreaming, a States buckle in mind
While we, the pacers, bide our time
Waiting impatiently on the side lines
We pack, we rest, we try to hydrate
We sit, we pace, we wonder and wait
Will our runner beat the dread of the clock?
Will he make the next aid station time cut off?
When they show up, we’re ready to go
With energy stored, and headlamps a glow
Full pace and pulling the encouraging friend
Or drill sergeant yelling to the bitter end.
The lure of the finish is what we all taste
For a crazy ultra-runner and crew
At a hot Western States.

Recipe for a Successful Western States 50k

A good way of combining training, camaraderie, challenge and fun. The following ingredients will be needed on each cycle as noted.

3 hours, Vespa
2 hours, Sports Legs
1 hour, S-Cap
1 hour, 100 calories

1)  In a large SUV bring six bubbling friends to a low roar while a recruited husband-driver navigates mountain cliffs and curves to the trailhead start. Bring SUV to 70 degrees F as outside temperature drops.
2)  At trail head remove participants and add one dose of Vespa and Sports Legs. Mix with enough water to fully dilute Vespa concentrate.
3)  Place hydration packs, arm sleeves and gloves on previously prepared runners.
4)  Arrange runners for quick photo before setting off on trail. Start GPS and timer.
5)  Scale first climb at warm-up speed.
6)  Turn occasionally at summit to admire view.
7)  Continue down the trail at running pace bringing to a low heat. Adjust timing for high-altitude.
8)  At 1 hour add one S-Cap and 100 calories as desired. Repeat every hour.
9)  Continue running down the trail. Stir loose rocks and twigs gently.
10)  At 2 hours add second dose of Sports Legs. Repeat every two hours.
11)  Continue running down the trail. Admire canyon views. Avoid adding large bunches of poison oak.
12)  At 3 hours add second dose of Vespa. Repeat every three hours.
13)  Continue running or walking uphill. When participants are near boil, add additional water.
14)  At aid stations refill all ingredients as necessary. Thank volunteers.
15)  Continue down the canyon trail. Avoid jarring to prevent fall.
16)  Dip in cool water at the river crossing at the base.
17)  Drain shoes. Continue up the trail until feet are tender. Add Determination.
18)  Repeat steps (5) through (17) two more times being careful not to overheat.
19)  Beat cutoff timer to finish.
20)  Celebrate over burritos, pizza, etc. Garnish with beer.