Adrenaline. Drip, drip, plink my
Gasoline. Mist red dreams in
Vapor waves they come to me
Scenes and screams before the aft
Help fan the flames, give air to feed
My backdraft crave. Insatiable, inside my cave
I wait. Clear mind I wait. Clear mind.
Smoldered edges of my brain flicker one time last
Haze gives way to light display days
Fast smiles to hide my flashpoint break
Though cringe and grind as long I wait
To play again the way I’ve always
Been. Kerosene. My dream.

Day-1 of Na/GloPoWriMo 2018 starts with the challenge to write a poem that is based on a secret shame, or a secret pleasure. It could be eating too many cookies, or bad movies, or the time you told your sister she could totally brush her teeth with soap.

The inspiration for Firestarter comes to me from the Urban Dictionary definition: A troubled, characterized person, who likes to start major ruckus in a certain situation.

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