State of Grace

S​ilenced by the sounds of the surf slicing down
White sands of sugar beach in this hula hanging town
Lanai a background of blue sky, blue sea, blue birds
Twitter by, red head cardinal pearching high on the rail
Clouds silently slip by under sky like a boat under sail
Saying my farewell, aloha well, in the wellness of this day
Surrender to the its blessings in a most Hawaiian way

Dat 12 of the NaPoWriMo challenge is to write a poem that explicitly incorporates alliteration (the use of repeated consonant sounds) and assonance (the use of repeated vowel sounds). This doesn’t mean necessarily limiting yourself to a few consonants or vowels, although it could. Even relatively restrained alliteration and assonance can help tighten a poem, with the sounds reinforcing the sense. 

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