Mother’s Prayer

Somebody’s mother
Not understood
A woman’s last word
A prayer
To a friend
Six feet of earth
The land of beginning again
Is it true
The day is done
Walk slowly
Try smiling
Our lips and our ears
Who walks with beauty?
The level and the square
In Flanders Field
There is no death
My mother’s prayer
The cry of a dreamer
A wonderful mother
Hyacinths to feed thy soul
Days of birth
If you but knew
A smile
Song of hope
Among the beautiful pictures
I’ll remember you, Love, in my prayers
Nobody knows but Mother
And then no more

Welcome to Day 12 of the NaPoWriMo Challenge. Today’s challenge is challenge you to an index poem, you can start with found language from an actual index, or you could invent an index. I made it easy on myself and used the index from the book, The Best Loved Poems of the American People. Each line in the Mother’s Prayer is actually the title of a poem.

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