No Hands

Three miles left
They cry, “You’re almost there”
Greet me, you rise to meet me
Cross river in your care
Where hooves have tread
And rail cars rattled
Deliver me safely over
White water paddled
Far behind lie canyon miles
Scampered, clamored, fought and won
Dream complete day and night
And rising second sun
Now clomp and stomp
A silhouette on shadowed ridge
Towards finish line I come
As I cross No Hands Bridge

Welcome to Day 28 of the NaPoWriMo Challenge. Today’s challenge is to write a poem about bridges. A bridge is a powerful metaphor, and when you start looking for bridges in poems, you find them everywhere. Your poem could be about a real bridge or an imaginary or ideal bridge.

It seems appropriate to write about No Hands Bridge today as I will be finishing Western States 100 two months from today. It is the culmination of many years of running and my last big challenge. No Hands is the symbolic home stretch of the race. Once you cross it, you are almost there.
no hands

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