Window Waves

White tide crash within a darkness shroud
Whispers across my misted skin
Salted foam in beat by beat
Rolls in, retreats
Twinkled lights outlining silhouetted clouds
Compete with glow eastward rising
Voices gather, peep by peep
In half-light sweep
Gauze blown frame in rhythm proud
Gives way as bluing sky begins
Waves roll in, growing deep
On and off the beach

Greetings from Maui! Since today is Earth Day the NaPoWriMo Challenge is to write a “pastoral” poem. Traditionally, pastoral poems involved various shepherdesses and shepherds talking about love and fields, but todays poem can be anything that engages with nature. One great way of going about this is simply to take a look outside the window. What’s happening in the yard and the trees? What’s blooming and what’s taking flight?

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