Pheidippides Ode

Brave and strong from crowd they choose
Hand-picked for mission great
In kilted skirt no shirt or shoes
Run to Athens with urgent news
The kind that just can’t wait

Now at last the war has past
The Spartan King prevails
News I run with foot falls fast
How long might my heart beat last
Running Marathon without fail

Sand storms blow my weary face
Niki my final cry
I shout across Athens gates
A victory they celebrate
As I lay down and die

Day 18 NaPoWriMo’s prompt, takes us from 2015 back to the 1700s. After all, it’s the eighteenth of April, which means that today is the 240th anniversary of the midnight ride of Paul Revere! Today, in keeping with the theme of rush and warning, the challenge is to write a poem that involves an urgent journey and an important message.
My poem’s urgent message takes us even further back, to 490 B.C.

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