A Running Debate

Let me stop as I am done
I have given my last step
My breath it catches in my lungs
This death march I can’t schlep

Did you think there would be ease?
Climb mountain crest in glee?
Long distance has no guarantees
Like life not fantasy

Let me stop, Let me quit
It’s more than I can do
The mountain high, the river deep
The blisters fill my shoes

This quest you chose with eager ease
From your couch, it’s in your grasp
It’s still a goal worth fighting for
Don’t let your resolve lapse

With every step comes more pain
My legs, my back, my head
What good will finish be to me
If I arrive half dead?

It’s not that bad, you have great strength
You see, I’m still intact
With energy left to complain
You’re far from heart attack

My goal alone is to survive?
To just endure this quest?
The journey should I not enjoy?
Should the day not be my best?

What makes this day a full success?
What dreams have you to prove?
Sit down and cry and feel sorrow
Or get up and get on the move

With distance goal I show myself
I show the others too
That I can finish what I start
No mountain I can’t move

Then keep your motion forward
Relentless like your soul
Take one step, then take the next
Until you reach your goal


Today’s NaPoWriMo Challenge is to write a poem that takes the form of a dialogue. Hopefully, this prompt will give you a chance to represent different points of view in the same poem, or possibly to create a dramatic sense of movement and tension within the poem.

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