Connect the Dots

In twinkled night they greet me
I lay awake, you meet me
A world away, your night turns day
Will twinkled lights replete thee?

Embraced entangled sheets we
Prayed heavens to retreat sea
Bind our souls, make halves a whole
No matter where your fleet be

Away you sail, away at night
With starlight as your only guide
Your mast cast shadows deep inside
Empty sheets left at my side

How I wonder where they lead thee
Break ocean waves, or land a beach key
I wish you may, I pray you stay
Connected in the light, my sweet pea

Welcome to Day 2 of the National Poetry Writing Month Challenge. Today, the challenge the challenge is to take a glance upward, and write a poem about the stars.  I  never did get back yesterday to write a second Day 1 poem.  Running these days really takes it out of me.  It seems long miles destroys brain cells.

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