Golden Day Break

I listen this morning to the forest awake
One chirp, a twitter, three, four, five
Until the forest comes alive
With unseen song from limbs high above
A gentle cacophony of robin and dove

On white parson chair wrapped warm in green fleece
I rocked back and forth
A chill on my knees
A distant motor start, a car door clang closed
While warm cream with coffee tingles my nose

A pink hue arises through silhouette trunks
Honking horns blow
Of a geese traffic flow
Compete with the hollow thud and a thump
A wood pecker helping himself to a brunch

A gear shifting groan of a lone engine throat
Start stopping at homes
With headlines to throw
Winds and whines through mountainside roads
Echoing rush of somewhere important to go

With feet propped upon rail surround of my porch
A breeze through the trees
I rock back and forth
Remembering days when this life was not norm
I sip from my cup and give thanks for this morn

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