There wasn’t much to say, in the end
of shortened winter days
of love that goes away
forgotten promise made
in the end

I guess I always knew, by the way
your eyes too bright a blue
your smile for who knows who
told tales too far from true
by the way

Decisions you have made for a price
drew foolish looks for me
drew gossip and pity
from friends that used to be
mine for a price

Lonely times may fill my days at the start
empty spot alone in bed
empty lies inside my head
defend the life I wed
at the start

But there’s something else for me within reach
I feel it tug my heart
I feel a brand new start
a life with us apart
it’s within reach

So now I tell you no, for a change
it’s time for you to go
it’s time for me to show
your backside to the door
for a change

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