Golden Day Break

I listen this morning to the forest awake
One chirp, a twitter, three, four, five
Until the forest comes alive
With unseen song from limbs high above
A gentle cacophony of robin and dove

On white parson chair wrapped warm in green fleece
I rocked back and forth
A chill on my knees
A distant motor start, a car door clang closed
While warm cream with coffee tingles my nose

A pink hue arises through silhouette trunks
Honking horns blow
Of a geese traffic flow
Compete with the hollow thud and a thump
A wood pecker helping himself to a brunch

A gear shifting groan of a lone engine throat
Start stopping at homes
With headlines to throw
Winds and whines through mountainside roads
Echoing rush of somewhere important to go

With feet propped upon rail surround of my porch
A breeze through the trees
I rock back and forth
Remembering days when this life was not norm
I sip from my cup and give thanks for this morn


They’re looking at me again
In dark corners I see them paired up
whispering that I’m ugly, too fat, without style
And yet you chose me first
Sometimes for a nice long walk
or inappropriately even on a date
Which makes them click their heels, flap their tongues
and whisper even more
But they don’t know how tough you are
how much you expect
The miles and mountains I will cross for you
suffer crushing blows to give you comfort
stability and support in challenging times
through the rat race, through the storm
And still you complain that I rub you wrong
Will you tire of me
after you’ve tread my soul thin?
And though I feel tied to you
there’s always something between us
A thin separation that gives me ponder
If you appreciate me, sometimes I wonder
when you toss me aside, reaching for another
flimsy, flip, flop, floozy you claim gives you space
But here I wait, battered and worn
until tomorrow when you chose me first

This poem is written by my Montrail Mountain Masochists trail shoes who have gone miles with me.


There wasn’t much to say, in the end
of shortened winter days
of love that goes away
forgotten promise made
in the end

I guess I always knew, by the way
your eyes too bright a blue
your smile for who knows who
told tales too far from true
by the way

Decisions you have made for a price
drew foolish looks for me
drew gossip and pity
from friends that used to be
mine for a price

Lonely times may fill my days at the start
empty spot alone in bed
empty lies inside my head
defend the life I wed
at the start

But there’s something else for me within reach
I feel it tug my heart
I feel a brand new start
a life with us apart
it’s within reach

So now I tell you no, for a change
it’s time for you to go
it’s time for me to show
your backside to the door
for a change

School Girl Blues

Our school girls have been stolen from their school
Our sweet girls have been taken from the school
By gunmen teaching lessons rough and cruel

In matching skirts, with shirts that button white
They saved for skirts, with shirts that button white
Frightened now in dirt, crying in the night

Our girls were learning history and math
Just daughters reading history and math
A crime their captors say worth Allah’s wrath

Who comes to save our girls from sale and death?
Who rescues girls for sale and certain death?
They wait and wail but nothing’s happened yet

Our girls, good girls, deserve our full will fight
Hold on sweet ones, we’re going to make this right

Deep Blue Sea

Beneath the rippled surface
I see the sun beam rays
Reaching out to guide me up
Like hand of God out splayed

But float my weightless body drifts
Above the ground below
Of waving fans and colored fish
Bright clown in a sponge hole

Darth Vader breath my only sound
Bubbles surface overhead
Won’t disturb the trigger fish
My diving buddy friend

Floating round red coral head
My friend still at my side
We drift into a tarpon school
They politely let us by

Color burst in sun bright light
Tempts me to its depths
Instead I rise and wave good bye
Ascend to sky and open breath