The day’s events unfolding
If current or just mine
Come to me in passing thought
Then appear in black and white
What to be? What to do?
I’d ask my younger self
A florist, or a writer,
A stalker of book shelves
But lucky me, lucky dog
I found the perfect fit
With early morning coffee
On my retirement couch I sit
And writing you, writing rhymes
Within this virtual place
Started when my life and mind
Found some vacant space
Will I be a Hemmingway?
A Cummings or a Frost?
Maybe I’ll be Dr. Seuss
Who knows, maybe not
And when my thoughts are blocked
Inside a frenzied head
I let my fingers take a walk
And trust in them instead
My love, you ask, who is it now
Who’s there to bitter end?
I’m lucky dog, once again,
My husband, my best friend
In mornings from my kitchen seat
The forest in my view
I rest and let the fire warm
These words as they come through
And when I’m not writing
Creating takes back seat
To miles and miles of mountain trails
Passing ‘neath my feet
I’m wowed by life unfolding
New treasures all the time
Today I’m overwhelmed by
This gift of great Sunshine

sushine award

I was so surprised to find I had been given the Sunshine Award this morning by fellow blogger Creativity is Key  What an honor!  So, my poem today is my acceptance speech, answering the ten questions below that accompany this award:

1. Where do you find inspiration?
2. Do you have a particular audience in mind when you write?
3. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
4. When/Why did you start your blog?
5. Who is your favourite writer/poet?
6. Do you ever get writers block? What do you do about it?
7. Are you currently in love?
8. Is there a certain place that you prefer to write?
9. Do you do anything else creative?
10. What was the last thing that made you think “wow…”

Thank you for the Sunshine Award!

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