I Look Up

From the top of the stairs
She calls to me
Sixty years and I still look up
Golden hair down her back
May be gray
It may be black
But I don’t care, I still look up
Remembering the courage it took
Her number in the book
Up front where all could see
I looked it up
Would she ever fancy me?
I think of her, my buttercup
Eyes of blue, sparkling too
When she looked up
I asked, “Will you be with me?”
She said, “It’s where I want to be.”
And I looked up
I thanked the Lord above
For giving me
The grace of her love, and
The family we’ll be
As I looked up
In the morning, expecting sky to see
I found instead her arm around me
When the darkness surrounded me
Guiding gently
I looked up
If there were stars left in the night
If there were birds still taking flight
They weren’t there for me
When I looked up
Sight is lost on those who see
I know now all I ever need
Is her voice smiling back at me
When I look up
For now, and forever more
Just what I was hoping for
My girl, my long haired butter cup
That’s all I ever need to see
So I still look up

Today’s NaPoWriMo challenge: Write a poem in the voice of a member of your family. This one is for my grandfather. He went blind after eighteen years of marriage, and six kids. (… and then they had four more.)

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