Mad Hatter

Is it red?
Where did you get it?
Really, is that so?
I wonder, can you tell me,
Do you think there are more?
Did you search and search
Or find it right away?
Will there be another on sale today?
Wait, have you eaten?
Can we meet first for lunch?
Remember the place with the
Man with the hunch?
If we met there before
Will there be time to still shop?
Have you had the bananas flambé at that spot?
Will my shirt in bright green,
Clash with the hat?
Did you say it is red?
Or did I imagine that?
Can you pick me up on the way to the shop?
Is there room in your car?
Can you make a quick stop?
Wait, can you hear me?
Can you hear what I say?
Can you wait just a minute?
Are you fading away?
If you hear will you listen?
Will you be coming by?
Should I buy the same hat?
If we match will you die?

Today’s NaPoWriMo challenge: Write a poem composed completely of questions.

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