SV Courage

I want to know about this courage, but I can’t find a thing
Buy courage and learn – do it! Live your life alive
All of you who live on courage… we’re inspired by (and a little jealous of) you
If a man be obsessed by something, I suppose courage is as good as any, perhaps a bit better than most
Many hidden beaches have to be reached by courage
Inventory courage, too
You have a lot of items in your courage, many very valuable
The sound of water gently lapping on courage
Waters so clear, it looks like courage floating on air
Life is better on courage!
To the Native American ceremonies, bird watching, courage, and berry picking charm
Come to think of it, I do think I belong on courage, don’t you?

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt: Pick a noun for a physical thing. Boat. Pick a noun for an intangible thing. Courage. Now find sentences on Google with the physical noun and replace with the intangible one. Boat becomes courage.

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