Color Book

Purple, orange, green and silver gold
Spilling over lines that meant to hold
In turquoise hue appears a dinosaur
His boat banana yellow with red oar
Pushes down a stream of green and blue
Outside the box it’s what I like to do

Color on
Color in
My color book tonight

Mom bought at the nickel five and dime
With Crayons in a box that is all mine
A clown I make his face a pink round pie
He holds under a polka dot green sky
Balloons tied with magenta twisting twine
His goofy smile says he is feeling fine

Color on
Color in
My color book tonight

And when it’s time for me to crawl in bed
Comply I do, and lay my sleepy head
But underneath the sheets the pages flip
A dog with a green tongue and yellow lips
The colors are the colors that I see
Who says they aren’t the way they all should be?

Color in
Color on
Outside the lines
My color book tonight

Today’s NaPoWriMo Prompt: A love poem to an inanimate object.
I am a day late on this one too. It seems that all this running has taken a toll on my mind’s ability to form clear thoughts.

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