Many Lunes Ago

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is to write a Lune, a three-line stanza poem. The first line has three words. The second line has five, and the third line has three. It’s meant to be sing-songy and perhaps end in surprise. So I sat for an hour and wrote many. Over the hour I grew more comfortable with them, and it shows in their progression. However, they remind me a bit of fortune cookies. Which one is your favorite?

When fire glows
Behind the screen it warms
My frozen toes

In dark night
The cat screams to go
Out to pee

It’s lonely here
There’s no one to play
With my toys

The blue lake
Sparkling high in the sky
Binds my view

Sometimes when I’m
Alone inside my dark head
I call you

The wet sand
Squeezing between my cold toes
Shivers me timbers

From my seat
Hanging from a blue kite
I fly high

When baby’s hand
Squeezes around my finger tight
He’s a man

Flowers pop above
The ground of frozen snow
In springtime thaw

At the start
Of a day long race
Things look great

If you find
Yourself at the rainbow’s end
Grab some gold

If you keep
The ground below your feet
You can’t fly

Three things remain
Faith, hope, love; I promise
These for you

Smelly cat smells
Fish from the open can
Who smells now?

The book’s cover
Hides treasures inside its bound
Pages of life

The flower stem
Holds the face of bright
Petals smiling back

Where’s the restroom
I call while running by
To my throne

Besides the rain
The weather is quite nice
For drinking beer

What to do
When life tries to try
Me and you?

There are three
Bears living in my house
Hope they share

Let’s get together
For lunch under the bridge
Bring paper bags

How many times
Have I tried to tell
You to stop

Please don’t shoot
The gun under the bed
It’s too loud

When ships sail
From the safety of port
Lives are changed

Little golden girls
Play hand in hand in
Sandy swept beach

Hooray let’s play
There’s a warm pool drink
Floating your way

Tonight’s the night
We pack and run away
To start again

Knock the knock
Upon the locked wooden door
I’ll answer you

Is it time
To get on with life?
I’m not going.

Practicing my art
On pages blank and white
Makes me write

There are smiles
Across the road of miles
I run today

Shoes laced up
I’m ready to go. Bang
The gun fires

It’s dinner time
Time to clean up and
Leave the dog

Mud pie mess
Across my polka dot dress
I’ll blame you

Get a grip
You’re a hot mess, girlfriend
He’s not yours

If you benefit
From skin of other’s knee
You’re a flee

There’s a house
Quiet at the road’s bend
That grew me

I like Mom
She’s kind, clean and warm
Kinda like home

Sticky buns stick
To my fingers and face
Telling my secret

Birds are chirping
Outside the window’s green view
Making cat stew

A hurricane please
One strong with extra punch
It’s my lunch

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