The Guardian’s Prayer

Great Spirit, come forth and will your grace
Upon this barren land
Have I been wrong to show my face
To one wise and handsome man?
The fields, the flowers the hillside crops
Flourished in his care
The people of our valley, Spirit
Lived well while he was there

His love so pure, it frightened me
So from its grasp I fled
And soon he went in search of me
Where I might be instead
Without his guidance and my guard
The land has turned to gray
The village folk have packed their bags
They too have gone away

From this grand granite rock outcrop
I beseech you come and save
My home below, my guardianship
I left when once he spoke my name
A spirit knows no loving arms
A man no ethereal gain
Now only you, Great and Mighty One
Can save our vale this shame

Your hand I feel, your finger tips
Extend throughout the land
And soon my golden whisper wisps
Will follow your command
In jolt of lighting crackling bolt
My perch it splits in two
Below my half of granite dome
Flow streams of spilling pools

Tutokanula, I call to him
Tisayac, he calls my name
And reaches for me the through the falls
Of Bridal Veil spray
His arms outstretched, my spirit swarms
Around his shoulders broad
I draw him to me when he leaps
Into the falling clouds

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was to write a poem inspired by myth or legend. For my inspiration I chose the myth of The Guardian of Yosemite.

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