He’d do the moment over again
Turn right this time instead of left
Hold tight the hand that waved good bye
Take back the words, I’ll see you then
Replace the pride of men

Those lies in silent nights retreat
When loneliness on snow blown drift
Replaces pride with fear and doubt
That tempts the mind to meet defeat
To buy some time in warmth of heat

A song far sung rings through the night
Last Chance, last try, last hope it cries
Piercing through the world of white
When last he lays his head to pray,
Good night dark sky. They’ll come at break of day.


Day one of the NaPoWriMo challenge was difficult for me. The prompt was to write a poem based on the quotation that the Bibliomancy Oracle provides. I pushed the oracle button and the quote generated was, “If there’s a moment you wish you could return,that’s all he wants to buy.” This quote combined with today’s lost and found runner, Bob Root, found on the same trail that I was scheduled to run this past weekend led to this poem. It feels like a rough start, but it’s a start. So here we go.

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