The Frontline Fight

One more day on the hill of fit fighting men
Battle ready comrades work beside me again
Dressed fully in orange, or yellow or brown
Ax in one hand, or shovel in the ground
The sunrise this morning, a gold red display
Sending me back to sunset of some long ago bay
Where the tang of orange smoke won’t stick in my nose
Instead I stand here, in my boots at my post
Wee morning risers, updates send us ahead
Angry clouds billow and churn overhead
Our vehicle parade winds the curves and the cliffs
Dozers and troops through the dark morning drift
Back to the front lines to stand hard won ground
Hoping to find homes left to be found
Today predicts wind, and the battle lines rage
Throats burning with ash that a drink can’t assuage
We spray towards the sky, tree top canopy flare
Then duck from the pumpkin pie spray through the air
Off in the distance chimney stack plumes of gray
Mark the start of new heat in our battle today
These days turn to weeks, then to months in the toil
Sleep hard nights in my bag when I’m not saving soil
I stand with my life at the front for a battle well won
To know that the forest will be here when we’re done
And I fight for the ones who are waiting on home
For me to come back, and to come back to their own


Elusive waiting time for me
Tossing while the white sheep flee
And monsters wake me from my dreams
I wait in desperate hope of sleep

My mind and body rack with ache
I ponder of which pill to take
Which only serves to anxiety make
As you lie beside me and I lie awake

Yet toss and turn and try I might
Escape the wandering thoughts of night
That hold my mind and body tight
And leave me wide eyed until day light


drizzled fondant layers wait
chosen long ago for this special day
my voice in quivered promises I make
you today forever as my mate
hands and crystal glasses celebrate
each morning lay beside you as I wake
a lifetime to share and love create
fulfilled today while I anticipate cake