From Here

There’s an ache that won’t be ending, it’s burnt a hole too deep
Not a place where I can hide to rest my head and sleep
Haunted eyes that take my nights, in visions each long day
These dreams, they follow me everywhere, they never go away

And I have tried, I washed each tear aside
You stood by, let my truth outdo my pride
There’s a road I know leads home to you
To help undo this pain
But I can’t get there from here

In this cage I live my life filling space so you’ll feel safe
If you stopped, looked close enough you’d see my empty face
I’m falling down this hole and I can’t drag you down along
I’ve been absent for a long time now, you’ll know that when I’m gone

Lord knows I’ve tried. Spent years in quite suffering at your side
You know I’ve lied. Saying it’s okay when long ago I’d died
It’s not long now, not far away, we’ll be alright you’ll see
This world will be a better one when it is done with me

There’s not a cure, or a plan or pill to make this right
There’s only this, noble suffering for a stand that wasn’t right
The missions play on film strips in a heart that can’t be numb
These are the things that a person should never come back from

And I have tried to push the memories aside
You stood by, spoke words of love, begged me stay alive
There’s a road you say leads back to you
to help undo this pain
But I can’t get there from here

And I have tried, dried the tears while you cried
I’ll be fine, be just one more on the other side
The road is fading back to you
There’s another free of pain
A place where I can get to from here

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