Sail Break

I let the wind, now time has passed, move gently cross my bow
Left home and life and fear behind in days long gone by now
The rolling sea breaks foam and spray while sending me away
And places where I long to stay pass by me everyday

I left the shore released the main and drifted out to sea
With eyes on what lie in store to find a new life for me
The days unravel slowly now, unfurl with each new morn
As still I look and have not found the answers yet unborn

In crest and curl and sea bird flight the Spirit guides my way
When daylight leans against the sea and night breaks into day
The mist collects upon my decks to wash salt tears away
With hopes that soon, when time is right, the memories won’t replay

So bob along this lone blue course I search to find my truth
Where love and life and home provide a life beyond my youth
For now the billow of the sail fills full and turns again
To tack a new direction where the nightmare dreams can end

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