Dust trail down mountain hillside
Winds near to sheer cliff edge
Then crosses loosened rock slide
Where young trees dare to fledge
Low gear and lower down shift
Brakes slide in sand gravel drift
Below us moves water swift
We bank away from ledge

Deep down the steep rock canyon
The winding peaks of blue
Calls dear to my companion
To stop and take a view
The height she fears may scare her
The drop so long may snare her
Yet bridge below still dares her
To do what she must do

From streams of gentle snow fall
From mountains steep and high
From flows of winters end call
This water rushes by
Waist deep in stream awaiting
In runoff dreams creating
Canyon walls accumulating
A pool beneath the sky

Stand poised I wait to capture
With courage gained from drink
She stands above in rapture
In hopes that she won’t sink
Toes curl around the cross beam
Leans across the trusses seam
Steps out midair lets out a scream
My photo timed in synch

At home someday she’ll wonder
She’ll stare and wonder why
The water she went under
Freed dreams she thought had died
A desk can’t now consumer her
The man cannot entomb her
For life has now renewed her
Now that she can fly

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