Grand Welcome

Tiny hand with thumbs up
In sonic waves of gray
Tiny foot with five toes
To kick a ball someday

Little boy, Little man
Can you hear our sheer delight?
We await with big plans
To share your new born life

Ride a bike. Swim a lake
Learn to skate and drive a truck
Warm your bath. Teach you math
We can’t wait to share our luck.

We’ve been blessed with more than we deserve
You’re a miracle come true.
Three more months, rest up, grow strong grandson
There’s much for us to do.

From Here

There’s an ache that won’t be ending, it’s burnt a hole too deep
Not a place where I can hide to rest my head and sleep
Haunted eyes that take my nights, in visions each long day
These dreams, they follow me everywhere, they never go away

And I have tried, I washed each tear aside
You stood by, let my truth outdo my pride
There’s a road I know leads home to you
To help undo this pain
But I can’t get there from here

In this cage I live my life filling space so you’ll feel safe
If you stopped, looked close enough you’d see my empty face
I’m falling down this hole and I can’t drag you down along
I’ve been absent for a long time now, you’ll know that when I’m gone

Lord knows I’ve tried. Spent years in quite suffering at your side
You know I’ve lied. Saying it’s okay when long ago I’d died
It’s not long now, not far away, we’ll be alright you’ll see
This world will be a better one when it is done with me

There’s not a cure, or a plan or pill to make this right
There’s only this, noble suffering for a stand that wasn’t right
The missions play on film strips in a heart that can’t be numb
These are the things that a person should never come back from

And I have tried to push the memories aside
You stood by, spoke words of love, begged me stay alive
There’s a road you say leads back to you
to help undo this pain
But I can’t get there from here

And I have tried, dried the tears while you cried
I’ll be fine, be just one more on the other side
The road is fading back to you
There’s another free of pain
A place where I can get to from here

Sail Break

I let the wind, now time has passed, move gently cross my bow
Left home and life and fear behind in days long gone by now
The rolling sea breaks foam and spray while sending me away
And places where I long to stay pass by me everyday

I left the shore released the main and drifted out to sea
With eyes on what lie in store to find a new life for me
The days unravel slowly now, unfurl with each new morn
As still I look and have not found the answers yet unborn

In crest and curl and sea bird flight the Spirit guides my way
When daylight leans against the sea and night breaks into day
The mist collects upon my decks to wash salt tears away
With hopes that soon, when time is right, the memories won’t replay

So bob along this lone blue course I search to find my truth
Where love and life and home provide a life beyond my youth
For now the billow of the sail fills full and turns again
To tack a new direction where the nightmare dreams can end


Dust trail down mountain hillside
Winds near to sheer cliff edge
Then crosses loosened rock slide
Where young trees dare to fledge
Low gear and lower down shift
Brakes slide in sand gravel drift
Below us moves water swift
We bank away from ledge

Deep down the steep rock canyon
The winding peaks of blue
Calls dear to my companion
To stop and take a view
The height she fears may scare her
The drop so long may snare her
Yet bridge below still dares her
To do what she must do

From streams of gentle snow fall
From mountains steep and high
From flows of winters end call
This water rushes by
Waist deep in stream awaiting
In runoff dreams creating
Canyon walls accumulating
A pool beneath the sky

Stand poised I wait to capture
With courage gained from drink
She stands above in rapture
In hopes that she won’t sink
Toes curl around the cross beam
Leans across the trusses seam
Steps out midair lets out a scream
My photo timed in synch

At home someday she’ll wonder
She’ll stare and wonder why
The water she went under
Freed dreams she thought had died
A desk can’t now consumer her
The man cannot entomb her
For life has now renewed her
Now that she can fly

The Girls on PCT

With broken breath we climb to heights unknown
Beckoned upward above the drifts of snow
Through fields of mule ear, flowers bloom yellow
Open vistas to crystal lakes below
We scamper over loose flat granite rock
Along the thumbs up darkened crag out crop

Backpackers pass head on from distant miles
We nod, slide by, share understanding smiles
Some tell trail tails, and stop to talk a while
While others chug steep up the scree rock pile
Sun beats, wind blows above the green tree line
Legs burn, air thin, as farther up we climb

On ridge between the mountain range beyond
Stands high and mighty crest of Tinkers Knob
We climb to peak, legs ache with angry throb
Still we peruse, inspired by the awe
Now aim well met, to view our just reward
We point downhill and run back toward the car

Morning Song

I wake first light and early with the dawn
Greeted by the feathered friends morning song
Quiet winds slip softly pass my window
Invites my spirit come enjoy the show

See morning rays break through the darkened night
Watch orange streaks cast day across the sky
Through filtered limbs the branches silhouette
The feathered chorus rising higher yet

Alone I sit to gather my day plans
Daybreak begs me to join the song began
The trail I know lie out in dark it waits
For me to join the feathered friends today