Hot Western States

It’s blistering, sweltering, melting today.
Who would run 100 miles this way?
Who scrambles to qualify for a coveted spot
To be one of the chosen to roast in this pot?
Who waited expectantly as each name was pulled
From a lottery six months ago when there was snow?
Who trained through storms, through nights, through sleet
Miles and miles preparing for today’s heat?
Now running and dreaming, a States buckle in mind
While we, the pacers, bide our time
Waiting impatiently on the side lines
We pack, we rest, we try to hydrate
We sit, we pace, we wonder and wait
Will our runner beat the dread of the clock?
Will he make the next aid station time cut off?
When they show up, we’re ready to go
With energy stored, and headlamps a glow
Full pace and pulling the encouraging friend
Or drill sergeant yelling to the bitter end.
The lure of the finish is what we all taste
For a crazy ultra-runner and crew
At a hot Western States.

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