Feral Friend

Gentle swirling little one searching endlessly in the night
Will you let me take you in, keep you warm, hold you tight?
Sometimes I see you, seeing me, wondering if I’m alright
How would you know that it’s okay? I am fine. I don’t bite.

You prowl alone, you sleep alone, you perk your ears on guard
How long have you been here alone hiding in my backyard?
I sit away to watch you play, and extend an inviting hand
You leap, straight up, arms spread mid-air, then stick a perfect land

Funny how you came to me, funny you knew I’d be here
Waiting for you, while you looked for me through eyes clouded with fear
So take your time, for wait I will, to earn your trust and tame
Hello, sweet girl, I’m CCL, can you tell me now your name?

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