Recipe for a Successful Western States 50k

A good way of combining training, camaraderie, challenge and fun. The following ingredients will be needed on each cycle as noted.

3 hours, Vespa
2 hours, Sports Legs
1 hour, S-Cap
1 hour, 100 calories

1)  In a large SUV bring six bubbling friends to a low roar while a recruited husband-driver navigates mountain cliffs and curves to the trailhead start. Bring SUV to 70 degrees F as outside temperature drops.
2)  At trail head remove participants and add one dose of Vespa and Sports Legs. Mix with enough water to fully dilute Vespa concentrate.
3)  Place hydration packs, arm sleeves and gloves on previously prepared runners.
4)  Arrange runners for quick photo before setting off on trail. Start GPS and timer.
5)  Scale first climb at warm-up speed.
6)  Turn occasionally at summit to admire view.
7)  Continue down the trail at running pace bringing to a low heat. Adjust timing for high-altitude.
8)  At 1 hour add one S-Cap and 100 calories as desired. Repeat every hour.
9)  Continue running down the trail. Stir loose rocks and twigs gently.
10)  At 2 hours add second dose of Sports Legs. Repeat every two hours.
11)  Continue running down the trail. Admire canyon views. Avoid adding large bunches of poison oak.
12)  At 3 hours add second dose of Vespa. Repeat every three hours.
13)  Continue running or walking uphill. When participants are near boil, add additional water.
14)  At aid stations refill all ingredients as necessary. Thank volunteers.
15)  Continue down the canyon trail. Avoid jarring to prevent fall.
16)  Dip in cool water at the river crossing at the base.
17)  Drain shoes. Continue up the trail until feet are tender. Add Determination.
18)  Repeat steps (5) through (17) two more times being careful not to overheat.
19)  Beat cutoff timer to finish.
20)  Celebrate over burritos, pizza, etc. Garnish with beer.

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