Training Day One

These legs I’ve trained for years now
This heart and mind and soul alike
This bag well packed, supplies in store
To run terrain that sane ones hike

The start climbs steep to outlook ridge
Casting shadows on the canyons below
And view of lake with tree lined edge
Lies gentle ‘neath peaks topped with snow

Now backside of the mountain crest
Feet flutter over loose scree shale
Jump high to clear the granite hurdle
Descending faster down the canyon trail

The forest calls to me once more
The dirt, the roots, the tripping rocks
Where serpents lay and mind games play
In dappled light and shaded spots

More canyons lie ahead today
More climbs, cold river crossings too
And beat my feet and heart will be
When once the day is finally through

Yet still I thrive in unsure steps
Thin air, harsh sun and sweat stained sleeves
For when the challenge calls to me
My best, true self is finally free

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