Poetic Pressure

Now that April has passed, and the challenge of writing a poem a day for thirty days is over, I’m left with a bit of a quandary. With the NaPoWriMo challenge successful completed, thank you very much, I’m left wondering what direction to take this blog.

Originally I had imagined it being a discussion of the daily in’s and out’s a newly retired person’s day. And I believe there is still more to explore on that path, but something else happened in the past thirty days. Being part of this poetry project has spurred a creative spark in me that was either missing or buried so deep that I’d forgotten it was there.

One thing that surprised me was finding out how well I thrive with a little structure. In my career I was tied to deadlines and schedules and goals and expectations. Once I retired I wanted nothing to do with structure. The idea of committing to a goal made my stomach turn. Even in creating this blog so that I could participate in the thirty days of poetry I questioned whether or not I was up for the challenge of a daily commitment. Turns out I’m someone who works much better with a little structure, if not a little pressure.

Pressure…yikes…there’s a word I never dreamed I’d be trying to add to my life. In years of working in a corporate environment my one constant companion was pressure. I could count on daily doses of it. Even writing the word here makes my breath catch. This time, however, the pressure was different. It was at my choosing, and it kept me focused. It moved me from thinking about writing, to actually writing. And now that I’ve done it for thirty consecutive days it’s a habit, evidenced by the post your are reading today.

So where do I go with all of this? My plan is to continue blogging daily as much as possible, and some days those posts will be poetry. Maybe the poems will come because I have nothing else to say, or maybe they’ll come because what I have to say is so big it can’t possibly be contained in a structured language. Who knows, but I’m excited about where this will journey will take me. Thanks for coming along.

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