Where the Walnut Trees Were

The house once seemed larger, seen through youthful eyes
The street seems closer, now the trees are gone
Open fields spread to reach the road since
The boom development plan went bust
Leaving the small fruit orchard cleared in its path

We didn’t know if it would still be there
Unexpected there it stood, different, not much the same
A newly abandoned swing set and an odd wire fence
But stayed the concrete pathway
In front of this little house that now lies alone
Straight down the road, where the walnut trees once were

Suddenly, thirty years flash in one moment
And dare to glimpse the memoires of our lives
…of Christmas trees, anniversaries, and late prom night dates
…a place where we sang night after night when daddy played
…and sisters spent hours bouncing new crying babes
It is all hidden in there, in this house that is now gray

Funny, but I wish they’d kept it yellow
I wish the rose garden had stayed
The little yellow house, with a concrete pathway
That sits straight down the road, alone, where the walnut trees once were

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