Paseo de Diablo

In my rearview there are only two
Vibrating in fumes del fuego
Not the normal crew
Not the swell of the bestias
Yet obediently they follow
Me on my caballo de acero
As if I knew the way
Trusting and entrusting
Whatever I decide
Whichever turn I take
I can hear their tubos
follow close behind
I bank wide right
Sun blind meets my eyes
They follow no questions
Riding deeper into the infierno
I have chosen
A tarantula wasp too has surrendered
Attaching its otherworldly self to leg
Hoping for a way out
I swat it off
It finds a follower
In my rearview I see la conmoción
The swerve, the dust cloud, the braking squeal
The road banks left ahead
In my mirror I see only one

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