Cookie Talk

Your answer is in the silver lining of your next struggle.

There are only two things that matter, one you already have.

Call your mother, she has something to tell you.

The job of your dreams is within your reach.

The sea is calling. Raise your sails.

Next stop London.

The key to love is an open door.

The child who throws the ball is the one to watch.

Sing twice as loud as you should. Someone important is listening.

When the butterfly lands you will know the truth.

The person next to you needs your advice.

You know you did it. Stop pretending you didn’t.

Drink more red wine.

The item you lost is in your shorts.

Listen to your tone. It sounds like nagging to some.

Smart people want to know you.

You are where the fun is.

Never ask a Mexican waiter for hot peppers.

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