The Slayer

I haven’t seen them yet
but I can feel them near.
There’s a crawl under my skin
that let’s me know they’re here.

The air is heavy with their scent
from blood left on their lips.
I must remain focused now
to save us from their grip.

A darkened alley calls to me
in sounds undead can’t hear.
I turn to see the cracking twig
I’m met with fang bared sneer.

At lightning speed I dash away
and leap across the space
when three more of the minion
appear before my face.

Please strength and wits don’t fail me now.
The Initiative counts on me
with the powers of a Chosen One
to protect the life of this city.

My sword I wield unflinchingly
as steel sweeps the air.
Heads fly from severed bodies
in plumes of streaming hair.

I gasp and hunker out of breath
crumbling to the ground
and find myself in Angel arms
that gently help me down.

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