Tennessee Plates

Headin’ to the Quarter, ya’ll
Got my mind on a good time
Some whiskey and some wine
Been thinkin’ ‘bout it all day
Got my girl in my truck
She been takin’ care of me
Little rum, little fun
Ain’t no way we ain’t hookin’ up
Just two more miles down the Interstate
Movin’ to the right with plenty of time
Here comes this fool with his Tennessee plates
In his gray minivan changin’ lanes
Never mind a signal for the lane change
Never mind the trailer he be pullin’
Come slidin’ ‘cross my lane lookin’ strange
Changin’ lanes, one two, three
Like he got somewhere to be
Damn near took out my rearview
mirror like I’m not even there
Tennessee plates
Ain’t no room in this town for them Tennessee plates

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