In words true love through time can not be told
Nor thoughts of future dreams that wander by
Of life begun or love someday grown old
Yet sooner does the hearts demands comply
No words can last the promises behold
Forever in my heart will you be mine
A love no words are able to define

Though health and happiness does feel secure
Through years of toil, stress and living well
The promises of health do not endure
As illness looms and casts its evil spell
While doctors swarm to conjure up a cure
Into each others arms in grief we fell
Together clung sheltered from the storm
Huddled praying life return to norm

When darkness ceased and fear had fade away
Words still could not portray the journey swept
Arising from the ash now turned to day
Were promises long made and still yet kept
In sickness and in health forever stay
Beside you in the darkness as you slept
My promise of a love not formed of word
Was always understood if never heard

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