Day Five – American River Fifty Farewell

I gave you my all
I showed up with everything you required
Well dressed, well trained, well rested, well fed
But it wasn’t enough to engage you today
Just not quite enough
You enticed me at first, made me think we were on the same track
But you dashed my dreams as you slipped further and further away
Sure, others will say it wasn’t your fault
You made the rules clear, and provided all the support I needed
But being with you starved me of air
I was suffocating and couldn’t breathe
And try as I may, I couldn’t run away
The miles unfolded below me slowly as I gasped for air
I reached, tried and pulled for you, but missed the target
By just this much
So I bid you farewell, my Western States qualifier
Today you eluded me, but I will return another day

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